February 16, 2012

double rainbow.

Yesterday, Amy came busting through my front door after work telling me to get outside.  I came out and saw the most incredible rainbow. And not only one, but TWO.  One was very bright, and the other one was very faint.  You could see it better in person than in these pictures.
 My arrow is pointing to the second rainbow that you can see if you look REALLY closely.
While Amy and I were admiring these rainbow, this car drove by with a couple of guys.  They rolled down their window and started talking to us about how cool rainbows are.  Because really, they are cool.  But then Nick came up and was like, "back off my wife dudes."
Ok, except he didn't do anything of the sort.

After they drove off, Amy turned to me and said they were totally flirting with us (and she was right, they were).  Only, I pointed out to her what I was wearing. 
Yeah, they were just flirting with her.
And then, the rainbow marveling continued when Kim (youngest sister) texted me.
She makes me laugh.
Oh rainbows.

We are off to Tahoe today for a little ski weekend.  I think I would prefer a sit in the lodge and drink hot chocolate weekend, but we will see.


  1. You looked pretty hot in that outfit... or in spite of the outfit, if you ask me:)