February 24, 2012

Tahoe Part One

We are back from Tahoe, and Holy Crap is it pretty there.  Were it not for the frigid temperatures, I could totally live there.  I know that I said I wanted a drink hot chocolate in the lodge kind of weekend, but I am so glad it was not that.  As if it would be anything close to that with the Kinnier family.  They are not exactly your sit around type of people. Our first day there, we were out snow shoeing.  This was a new phenomenon for me, and I really kind of liked it.
The activities got progressively more intense as the weekend went on. Next up....cross country skiing.


  1. So jealous!You guys beat us to visiting lyss. Those snow shoes are definitely a seller. Way to be hard-core kinnier.

  2. Tag! You're it. http://alspolkadotsandpaisley.blogspot.com/2012/02/blog-tag-im-it.html