April 16, 2012

More Baby Shower

Ironically enough, here I am posting about a baby shower after my last post.  But, I wanted to share a little more from the baby shower I talked about here.  My aunt Sandy was throwing this baby shower for her first little granddaughter, but she lives out in Arizona, making it difficult to do everything for a shower that is being held at my Grandma's house in California.  So, she asked my sisters and me to help.  Of course we did.  This is our favorite kind of thing.

Here is the dessert table we put together for the event.
We had hoped to have the shower outside, but we weren't sure if the weather would cooperate, so we made the executive decision to have the party indoors.  This meant that a lot of rearranging had to happen.  Grandma was very gracious with letting us do whatever we wanted.  She hid out in her sewing room while we moved all the furniture out from her living room and took everything off the wall.  We transformed the place into a tea party wonderland.
Kim made pretty much all the desserts, with the exception of the cranberry scones, which were made by moi.  That strawberry almond tart right there is the most scrumptious thing your mouth could ever eat.There were also mini vanilla almond cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting, sprinkled with gold glitter, and a lemon tart full of lemony goodness.

My grandma has a little enclosed porch right off of the living room, so we decorated that to be the seating area for eating.
I used this tutorial for the tissue paper pom poms, and this tutorial for the yarn globes, which we also used at Molly and Eddie's wedding.

Once we were done decorating, the party began.
 I have to admit, the baby did outshine our decorations, but that's okay.
And now to give credit where credit is due:
-Thank you Grandma for letting us tear your house apart.
-Thank you mom for running out last minute and buying us a shower gift that we totally forgot to buy...oops.  And, for doing all the other last minute jobs that us procrastinators needed done.
-Thank you Dad for carrying out our demands so cheerfully and using your manly muscles to maneuver furniture around.
-Thank you Dad and Aunt Sandy for making the AMAZING streamer backdrop.  It was my favorite part.
-Thank you Aunt Betty for ironing my skirt so magnificently.
-Thank you Aunt Sandy for asking us to help and for forking out the money for us to play with.
-Thank you Bess Ella for being so stinking cute, even if you did steal our glory.


  1. Great pictures. Great post. Kim makes desserts. It al looks sooooo good.

  2. Well aren't the Swenson sisters just a gorgeous bunch. Like I said, you ladies need to start some sort of business together. You have Kim as the chef lady and the rest of you as artistic decorators slash planners. Your family is GREAT and BLESSED to have you girls!!!

  3. you've done it again. lovely lovely.

  4. Ah! so much goodness. I like seeing the yarn globes popping up again in decorations:)

  5. Thank you for making Bess' day such a special one. You all are little gems. xo Betsi (Bess' mom)