April 17, 2012

San Elijo Camping Trip

I am missing Spring Break already, and I am longing for summer so much more now.  Over the break, we took a little trip to San Diego to enjoy the warm weather and the ocean. 
Some of us liked the shade.
But, I liked the sun....and The Hunger Games.  I couldn't stop reading, even to put on sunscreen.  The inside of my knees, which have been a little too sheltered from the sun these days, did not appreciate my choice to sit Indian style. They are red, and they hate me for it....and I hate them.
We did not feel like cooking breakfast, so we walked into town to treat ourselves.
Everything was going great until 4:00 in the morning our first night there.  Brontie, our big beastly dog who is scared of ants and their babies and any other thing that moves, woke up in the night freaked out and started running around the tent.  He stepped on Belle, rousing her from her peaceful sleep.  She started moving and sniffing around, nudging the side of the tent, which I interpreted as trying to get more comfortable....this is a very logical conclusion at 4:00 in the morning. It was, however, the wrong conclusion, and the nudging the tent actually meant she had to go to the bathroom and was trying desperately to find her way out of the tent.  I realized it too late, and before we knew it, we were smelling the lovely scent of urine.  It was no big deal really though, because my sleeping bag and sleeping pad soaked most of it up, and it's not like I really needed those things.  Nick thoroughly enjoyed sharing his pad and bag with me for the remainder of the night.  This little incident, as well as the impending rain, caused us to leave a little earlier than expected.  So, we packed up and headed home.  But, not before enjoying the whole day in the sun and taking some family pictures.
This is probably the best one, as far as having the dogs looking at the camera:
But, this one is my favorite:
Brontie lunging at Belle.  Belle prepared to bite his face off.
I love them.

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  1. I always wondered how to spell San Elijo. Now I know. I grew up camping there once a year. Great spot.

    Looks like a relaxing vacay...