June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Hi Dad!
Happy Father's Day!
In honor of Father's Day, I will tell you all a little story about my dad and me...
Once upon a time, we were in Las Vegas for a cheerleading competition for my sisters (because my dad never missed a competition, even if it was in another state).  As we were leaving, one of the valet drivers at the hotel cut my dad off and started yelling at him as he drove past.  Being the just and noble man that he is, he felt that it was necessary to speak to security about said valet driver.  Except when he was telling security about it, they would not listen to him and were mocking him.  They even tried to shut his car door on him.  And, one guy even had the nerve to mockingly wave to us girls in the backseat.  To which, the only logical response was flipping him off, and so  I did.  When that guy told my dad what I had done, that just did my dad in.  How dare he accuse his daughter of doing such a thing.  She would never do that!  My dad would defend my honor to the death.  He threw that car door open so that I could defend myself (because he knows I like to do that), only to have me say that it was true.  At that, he got in the car, I apologized profusely, my mom told me I ruined my dad's whole argument, and we drove away in silence.  A couple hours into the drive home, my mom admitted that she understood why I did it, and my dad started laughing.  This story is a favorite in my family.

The moral of the story:  My dad will defend and protect me (and any of us girls) no matter what, and I will defend and protect him too.  So, don't mess with us....or you might just get flipped off.
Dad...thanks for always being there for us, always loving and supporting us, and for being the best dad us girls could ever have!
I love you!

Happy Father's Day to the best father-in-law around too!
And, I am of course remembering my grandpa today, as well.  I love him and miss him.

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  1. i love your flip off story. We have a legendary flip off story of our own... maybe I can share it sometime when we get together for you to show me how to make PINWHEELS!!!