July 11, 2012

Independence Day

 This was our third year taking a bike ride from our house to the beach.  But this year, we decorated our bikes before heading out.
 Sadly, the day was very overcast, so the beach was a little cold.
How cool are we that we share our anniversary with all these people.  And how cool are they that we choose to spend it with them.
After the beach, we headed back to our house to play, eat, and enjoy fireworks.  More people came over to enjoy the second half of the day with us.

Fireworks from the roof.....another Fourth of July Tradition for us.
Let's see how long we can keep this tradition going!
Year One Here
Year Two Here

Thank you to Steve for many of these pictures.

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  1. where to start: Your table of treats is to die for. Please tell me you'll be Pinning it! And I love all your tradition! Just a little further on your bikes and you could have joined in our parade. Your bikes would have been a HIT!