July 22, 2013

Starting to Think About These Things

So, for the last 4 years, I have not allowed myself to dream about baby stuff.  I didn't know how long I would have to wait, so it was easier to just not go there. Now that we are (hopefully) close to having a baby, I'm slowly, but surely starting to let myself think and dream about a few things.  And first up is the diaper bag....for obvious reasons (see above pictures).  These are a few favorites that I found as I was perusing the web.  Nick absolutely hates two of these bags.  I'll let you take guesses on which two they are.  I guess he should get some say in the decision, since he may be carrying it now and then.  Or maybe we will just have to go for his and hers bags.

Links to bags:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8  

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  1. I've thought about buying a Petunia just for myself. Nick might just need his own man bag.

  2. LOVE these!! We opted for the Daddy Day Bag, it's a backpack made by Quicksilver that has everything you could need in a diaper bag. It was a great compromise for us but I'm not really a purse gal anyway. Once we chilled-out on thinking that we needed to have EVERYTHING with us ALL of the time, I got a new cute purse and just put the essentials in there. Another great option is to get the Beco Soleil Baby Carrier. It has a detachable diaper bag that snaps onto the front. We have it now and LOVE it. They have really cute patterns too! So you can use it as a diaper bag or carrier or diaper bag + carrier! Just throwin' it out there!
    Regardless of what you decide, I am SO happy that you are now allowing yourself to partake in the fun stuff! I think every mom has their "thing" that they're super excited about, so if it's the diaper bag for you, then you just go get the cutest dang diaper bag out there!! =)

  3. i have the so young diaper bag and am beyond happy about, seriously worth the money, i love love love that bag! i was looking at my friend's juju-be diaper bag the other day and was also super impressed with it's design! i would have totally considered that one too had i known about it. good luck and keep looking at all the fun stuff!!!!

  4. and i don't think the links to those bags are working for some reason...

  5. I LOVE that you are letting yourself think about baby stuff!!!! =D