July 21, 2013

Seven Years in San Diego

Last weekend, Nick and I decided to head down to San Diego.  The Giants were playing the Padres, and we hadn't celebrated our seven year anniversary yet, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.
Sadly, the game was not too terribly exciting, as evidenced by the score...
It probably would have been more enjoyable had the score been flipped around.
As we were leaving, we happened upon this fun Christian concert, which included Tenth Avenue North and a couple of baseball players from the Padres and the Giants.
That night, we headed out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary...
The next day, we went out to breakfast, hung out at the beach, grabbed some smoothies, and headed home.
And that, my friends, is seven years. Go us!


  1. I'm glad that the both of you were able to celebrate your 7th year anniversary together! Especially watching a team that Nick likes, and imagine if they were playing the Atlanta Braves... Though, I definitely missed you both during our 4th of July bike ride. Hope all is well & to see you both soon!