July 20, 2013

The Fourth

Let's see if I can catch up this little blog on some of our life lately.  The next several blog posts are going to come at you in no particular order.  They will certainly not be in chronological order.  Seeing as how I am quite dependent on other people to get the pictures I need for a lot of blog worthy events, I'll be posting as they come.  First up is the Fourth of July, which also happens to be our anniversary.
 Seven Years
We decided to forego our usual party (see here, here and here).  Instead, we spent the day working on wedding stuff, since it was the day before my sister's wedding and we had already hosted 2 large parties at our house that week (the rehearsal dinner and our adoption fundraiser...coming to the blog soon).  Then we spent the evening on the roof for our traditional firework watching with these foolios....
and some high quality fireworks photos...
There you go. Fourth of July 2013. Done.

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  1. Mindy, I've been following your cute little blog for quite some time now and have loved hearing all your stories! I am rooting for your guy's adoption to come quickly!

    For some time now I've been drooling over the cursive font you use throughout some of your pictures/buttons/adoption book you made, it is beyond adorable!

    Hope all is well!