February 13, 2014

DIY Cupid Costume

As you saw a couple of days ago, I made a little cupid costume for Silas. I thought I would post about how I made the costume in case any of you are wanting your children to grow up to resent you too.  The most complicated (but not complicated at all) part of the costume was the wings, so I will start with those.

1) Start with 2 hangars.  If you have baby hangars, that would probably work best for a little one.  I did not have baby hangars, so my kid had giant wings. Tape the two hangars together to create your two wings.
2) Using the fabric of your choice (I used felt), fold it over, and place the hangar on top.  Then, cut the fabric out around the hangar, keeping it folded, so that it can fold around the hangar.
3) Slide the hangar inside the opening, then open up your fabric to lay it flat.  Fold the edges over the ends of the hangar and sew (or glue) the fabric over the hangar.
4) Add some stuffing to the middle of the wing, then fold the rest of the edges under. Fold the fabric back over the hangar and sew or glue it closed.
5) Repeat the process to the other hangar.
6) Take a scrap piece of fabric and wrap it around the center.
6) Take some toilet paper, and form bunches. I used about 3 sheets for each bunch.  Glue onto the wings using fabric glue.
7) Your wings are done!

Now for the bow.  This is beyond easy. Find a stick that is bent in the shape of a bow, then tie string/yarn/ribbon to it.

I won't insult your intelligence by giving you step by step pictures of the quiver of arrows. For the arrows, I just cut out a bunch of hearts and triangles and glued them onto the ends of decorative straws.  For the quiver, I used an aluminum can and wrapped it in scrapbook paper.  Then I punched holes in the sides and strung some bakers twine through.
Add a cute baby in a diaper, and you're good to go!

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