July 7, 2014

The Fourth of July + 8 Years

For the fourth, we had my family over for a barbecue and fireworks.  The fourth was also our 8th anniversary, but we've gotten pretty used to sharing the day with others.  We are planning on officially celebrating our anniversary in a couple of weeks.  This was Silas's first fourth, so it was fun to see him experience fireworks for the first time.  He was very concerned by the noise at first, and was clinging tightly to me.  But, he kept turning his head around to see what was going on in the sky, then flipping back around and burying his head in my neck. Eventually, he let me turn him around in my lap, and he watched the rest a little more relaxed.

 Trying to find patriotic music to listen to during the fireworks show......

 Our annual anniversary pictures....

 We added one to our crew this year...
We kind of like him. I think we'll keep him....

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!
Happy Fourth!


  1. Happy anniversary. Not sure that Silas is loving the fireworks hah.

  2. Thanks Debby! Yeah...he wasn't much of a fan. He'll like them better next year, I'm sure.