February 15, 2007

We celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a married couple on Monday. We didn't celebrate on the actual day because I had class until 7:00 and of course we had to watch Lost. I had Monday off school, so it was the perfect day to celebrate. We had actually intended to celebrate the whole day, but then my parents needed some help at the store. We went down and helped them in the morning, and then figured we would have the whole afternoon and evening to do something fun in Laguna Beach. But, being the procrastinators that we are, we realized that it was the last day to return the books we didn't need to Biola's bookstore. So, instead of Laguna, we went to the bookstore. We were still able to celebrate in the evening. We got some sushi and went to the top of a hill in Fullerton that overlooks a lot of the city. It was a spot we frequented when we were dating, but we haven't been there since getting married. We brought a blanket and ate up there. We hung out for a little while there and then came home and had some raspberry wine that Nick bought while we watched Anna and the King. It was a good first Valentine's.

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