February 19, 2007

We took a fabulous trip to Catalina this weekend. Esther has a house on the island, so we went with a bunch of friends to hang out over our three day weekend. We went on a couple of hikes, which gave us some incredible views of the island. We got pretty hot, but there were only a few brave souls who managed to take a dip in the ocean when we were finished. We miniature golfed twice. Both times we played boys against girls. The girls lost the first game and tied the second game (even though we did not realize this until much later because of some miscalculations in the score). We also played nertz for 2 or 3 hours every night. We watched movies, cooked a lot, ate ice cream, hung out at the coffee shop, and took lots of pictures. Some of us even woke up at 5:30 one morning to watch the sunrise. It was a beautiful, fun weekend!


  1. I can see your pictures now!! :D

  2. wow min! that was a quick update. you're much better at blogging than nick! i'm glad you finally got your own. i love the pictures. if you click on the group one where we're all facing the camera and make it big you'll get a good laugh from some of the faces. see you tonight! love you!