August 27, 2009

Another Letter

Dear Nick-
Thank you for calling me last night. I enjoyed all 5 minutes and 42 seconds of the conversation. We could have talked for 18 more seconds. Oh well. I will get to talk to you tomorrow, and I can't wait. I spent the morning with Grandpa. He was pleasant...except when he couldn't get comfortable in his chair. Then there were a few expletives. He misses Grandma. It's funny how when you get married and become one you don't feel whole without the other person because half of you is gone. I think that Grandpa and I are feeling like this right now. But, at least we both get to look forward to being complete again in the next couple of days. Until then, we'll keep each other company.
So, you have missed some major milestones for me while you have been gone. I can back out of the driveway now without running over the curb. I was having quite a problem with backing up at an angle. But, practice makes perfect. Also, I made it past the first step to changing my last name. I went and got a copy of our marriage license from the courthouse! That really means nothing, but now I have what I need to go to the Social Security Office and do it....maybe tomorrow. (But knowing me, it will probably be another 3 years.)

Is it dumb that I am writing you letters on a blog? I think it probably is, but oh well. No one really reads this blog anyway.

Alright, have fun on your last day on the Yukon....I Love You!


  1. Yeah, a few of us are reading...and laughing that three years later you still don't have your name changed!

  2. Ah ha! I read it! It's very sweet Mindy.