August 26, 2009

Camping With the Kinniers Part One

In the beginning of August, we went up north to go camping with the whole Kinnier family. We flew from Long Beach to Oakland and then took the train to Davis to meet up with everyone. From there, we drove to Plumas County to camp! I took so many pictures, that I am going to post the trip in seperate parts. There is much to come, I am just too tired tonight to post much now. (School is starting next Wednesday, so I have been working in my classroom everyday.)
Nick had to go fishing the first night...I don't know why. He never has much success with the whole fishing thing.
But he looks good doing it!
Alyssa and I walked on the railroad tracks while Nick fished...since we both walked the whole way without falling off, we decided that we were exempt from dishes that night. (Nobody else really liked that idea).
WOOHOO!!! Nick just called me from the satellite phone they have on their trip. (I think the 5 1/2 minute phone call cost us $15, but it was worth it). He is doing great. They caught a caribou, and they found a cabin to sleep in tonight. They have 1 1/2 more days out on the Yukon River and they will be back to civilization. Then he'll spend the weekend there and come back to me on Monday. I can't wait. Things don't feel right without him's lonely.

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