March 11, 2010

Grandpa Story

When Kim was probably in 5th grade, Grandpa had some teeth pulled.
You can see that here in this picture.
So, around this same time, Grandma got a black eye from rolling into the corner of her nightstand.
They were quite a sight to see together.
Kim asked Grandpa what happened.
He very nonchalantly said, "Your Grandma hit me in the mouth with a board, so I punched her in the eye."
We all laughed hysterically about this and went on with our night.
A few months later, we were driving in the car with Aunt Betty, and she was telling us how Grandma and Grandpa never fight.
When Kim heard this, she asked, "What about the time when Grandma hit Grandpa with the board, and he punched her?"
We all sat there stunned that she thought Grandpa was serious and had gone months believing that Grandma and Grandpa had actually done that to each other.
We laughed and told Grandpa about it.  He felt so bad that Kim had taken him seriously.
He assured her over and over again that he would never, ever hurt Grandma.
And he never did....He loved her with all his heart.
Kim (when she was probably in 4th grade) with Grandpa and Grandma on Grandpa's birthday

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  1. what happened to that awesome picture of all you guys?