March 9, 2010

War Memorial

Last Friday, the day before Grandpa's memorial service, a group of us went to visit the war memorial in Fountain Valley.
Grandpa really liked this place and would come to a service here every Memorial Day.
On Memorial Day 2008, a picture was taken of him that made it into the paper.
We just bought the picture, and it's being sent to us.
It is really neat.
Grandpa is a proud veteran of World War II.
So, we thought it appropriate to come to the memorial to honor Grandpa.
Grandma with my mom and Aunt Karen
Grandma with us 4 girls behind the World War II plaque

Today seemed a little easier than yesterday. I know there will be good and bad days in the weeks and months (and probably years) to come. But, I am so thankful for God's peace in the midst of the grief.  God is good. He blessed me with an amazing family and a grandpa I adore.  He will get all of us through this difficult time.

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