May 2, 2010


Ok,so I can finally get back to blogging regularly.  I had to send my camera in to be repaired, so I have been without one for a couple of weeks.  But, I got it back and am ready to share lots of pictures!
First Up:
My Disneyland pass expired on my birthday, so we went to Disneyland one last time the night before my birthday.  It was a quick trip.  Most of the rides I wanted to go on were either closed or had way too long of lines.  But, we did manage to ride Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear and get some yummy pineapple whips.
As you can see by this last picture, Nick did beat me at Buzz Lightyear.  I was very proud of my score though, because it is the best I have ever done.  And, I was even beating him at one point.  It's okay though, he can be the best at this one....I am currently the high scorer between us on Toy Story.

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