May 3, 2010

Meet My Family Monday!

Today you get the pleasure of meeting my fabulous cousin
Andrew Baker!
You met Andrew's parents, John and Michelle, last week.  So, technically, since John is my first cousin, Andrew is my first cousin once removed...but I don't want to get too complicated.

Here is the little interview that I did with him:

Me: How old are you?
Andrew: 16. In eleventh grade.
Me: How do you like high school?
Andrew: It’s good. I’m tired of school.
Me: What are your life plans?
Andrew: Go to college, get out of the house, become a microbiologist, join the national guard or reserves, retire, open a bakery, die.
Me: What college do you want to go to?
Andrew: UCR or Fullerton. Probably Fullerton.
Me: Yay! Go to Fullerton. You will be closer to me! What are your plans while you are at college?
Andrew: To succeed in school. To not hang out with my cousins.
Me: Tell me about life at home.
Andrew: It’s good. Relaxed.
Me: Do you have a girlfriend?
Andrew: No
Me: Do you want one?
Andrew: I don’t know. Maybe.
Me: Do you like anyone?
Andrew: Yes
Me: Who?
Andrew: BLEEP (He gave me permission to write her name on here, but I didn’t want to put him through that. Considering that my blog is world famous, it is HIGHLY likely that she will see this post.)
Me: Do you think she shares your feelings?
Andrew: I don’t know. Maybe
Me: Are you going to ask her out?
Andrew: If I decide I want a girlfriend.
Me: What’s keeping you from wanting a girlfriend?
Andrew: It’s kind of nice not having to deal with anybody all the time.
Me: What do you like to do in your spare time?
Andrew: Watch t.v., talk to friends, hang out with friends, go on the computer, hang out with my parents on the weekends sometimes.
Me: Do you have any hobbies?
Andrew: Not really anymore. I don’t really do much. Can you think of any, Dad? I don’t really do much.
John: He avoids chores
Andrew: I like camping, riding, paintball, hunting, Nascar.
Me: What is your favorite part of being in this family?
Andrew: It’s fun. People are outgoing. They like to do stuff together. They aren’t all boring and secluded.
Me: What is your best memory of this family?
 Andrew: Probably one of the Magic Mountain trips. Actually, spending the night at your place—watching movies. Then you guys took me to church in the morning. I remember I felt all awkward because I had never been to church before, but I really liked it. I remember Kristina and I were trying to top each other, calling each other names and stuff.
I love this kid!  He is so great...and Bleep would be lucky to have him!


  1. I really love him! Andrew if you go to Fullerton you can come to church with us all the time and I can top you at name calling all the time.

  2. Oh my, i look retarded in those pics.