May 16, 2010


The process has been so long and rollercoaster-ish that I forgot to announce when it became official.
We are so excited that everything worked out and we finally can say that our home is ours.
Now we can actually start doing real work to the house.
The first thing we did was tear out part of the jungle that is our backyard so that we could plant a garden.
Nick attacked this corner of the yard and got most of it done in a day.  We have one garbage can for all of our plant waste, and the garbage truck only comes once a week,so we will be filling that thing up every Tuesday for a couple more months before we finally get rid of all of the stuff we ripped out.
I weeded the rosebush area while Nick worked the corner.
We planted our amazing garden!
We already have baby tomatoes!
We are such proud parents!
( Well, I am at least.  Nick makes fun of me every time I walk out to look at the garden and gush with pride and excitement at these little babies.)

We needed a trellis for the tomatoes, but we didn't have one.  Being the resourceful, ingenious people that we are, we took the screens off some doors that were on the side of our house and created our very own trellis!
We planted 7 different tomato plants, cucumber, squash, cataloupe, lemon thyme, basil, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, cilantro peppers, sugar snap peas, oregano, and a couple other things that I am forgetting right now.  When this garden grows, we will never have to leave our house to get food.  We will just eat bruschetta and salsa all day long and love it!

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