May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kristina!!!

Today is my sister Kristina's birthday.
She is 24 today.
Here are some things I think you should know about Kristina:
She is insanely talented.
She is a graphic designer and is amazing at what she does.  You can see some of her stuff on her blog, Plum Paper.  She just started it and will have plenty more to come.
She is also very fun and adventurous.
She is funny and creative.
She is a fraidy cat.
One time I gave Kristina a Christmas present and the theme was rain.
She has never stopped making fun of me since.
I personally thought it was an incredible and creative present.

She is married to Sean.
We like him.

She could be a model.

This little picture has a very funny story that I will not share to save Kristina some embarrassment.  I just had to put it on here though.  Ask her about the story is really funny!

Happy Birthday Kristina!
I love you!


  1. eww... that last picture may have been my fault :) hahah sorry kristina. happy birthday!!

  2. happy birthday neaner! where is that first picture?? and since you don't where those rain boots can i have them? i love you!!!

  3. im pretty sure in one of those pictures kristina is wearing my shirt and kim is wearing my jacket. man i miss sharing 5 closets :) happy birthday kristina!