December 14, 2010

Christmas Partying

We had a Christmas party on Saturday.  
Nick wanted a reason to make another turkey since we did not have any leftovers after Thanksgiving. (Thanks a lot Carmacks!)  So, we invited a little group over to have some turkey sandwich dinner...and lots of dessert.
Now, if I were you, I would probably see these pictures and think to myself,
"What a dull looking party (but, also very good looking)." 
And it's true. These pictures do not do our wild and crazy party justice.  We were just too busy being wild and crazy for me to even think to pull out the camera.  That is, until we broke out the Christmas mugs and hot cider and sat around the fire.  Because, let's be honest, using those Christmas mugs was the most exciting part of the night for me.

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  1. see... i just dont get an invite to your parties.... who knows if i might randomly show up :)