December 11, 2010

Why Nick will make a good dad....

 We've been hanging out with a lot of red headed kids lately.
Arden belongs to my cousins, Brandon and Steph.
Malachai, Josu, and Selma belong to Nick's cousins, Joshua and Naomi.

We were in Petaluma over the weekend with all of Nick's family to celebrate Grandma Billie's life.
It was a lot of fun to spend time with family we don't get to see very much, and it was very sweet and entertaining to remember her together.


  1. I scrolled so fast to the bottom of this post thinking you were announcing some BIG news... maybe next time!

  2. Yeah, Mindy. Get on that. Tick tock, tick tock. :)

  3. yeah! mom and I loved the pictures!