December 9, 2010


We took on the job of hosting Thanksgiving this year.
In my opinion, it is very fun to be the hosts.
I didn't have to make any food....everyone brought that.
All I had to worry about was decorating...which I love.
Nick made the turkey, and it was divine.
The dogs agreed...
Dessert was delicious!
Fire pits come in handy when Thanksgiving is significantly colder than normal.
We also enjoyed a nice stroll down to the park.  Belle needed to burn off all the calories from the food that got snuck to her from under the table.
She found the perfect walking buddy....they go at the same pace.  Too bad Arden lives in Virginia.

It was a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with family (and a friend) who I love very much!


  1. You're the hostest with the mostest, Mindy. It's my turn next year, but you can decorate (pleeeezze).

    The picture of Arden walking Belle could be a Hallmark card. Priceless.