January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Sister #2

Amy has entered the late twenties phase of life.  She tends to enter the phases of life that I am about to leave.  Like, she is starting her late twenties as I am about to leave them.
It all started when I was leaving the baby phase and entering toddlerhood, she was entering the earth and babyhood.
She was trying to steal my glory, and I didn't like it.
So, it was only logical that a couple days after her birth I got my toe cut off.
It was a success! The attention was back on me.
But, that's a story for another time.  But really I probably won't tell that story on this blog because then my mom would cry and then my dad would not be happy with me because I made her cry.
(You can ask me in person sometime if you don't already know the story.)
All that to say, I love my sister very much, and I am very glad that she entered the world.
I would lose a toe for her any day.
And, I have since gotten used to her infringing on my life phases.

See her birthday post from last year here.

1 comment:

  1. Yea! Happy Birthday AMY! Love you all!

    (Will we get to see Kim's cake? I doubt Derek's cake will be worth sharing.)