January 12, 2011

Kristina the Brave

Come Thursday, sister number three will be embarking on an adventure that no one in her family has ever experienced. She will be venturing beyond the 45 minute comfort zone of family.  As I mentioned here, Kristina and Sean are moving to Atlanta.  Sean has already been there for a while, commuting back and forth between flying (he's a pilot if you did not know already), but now Kristina will be joining him (and Lily too).
They will be in the land of the Braves!
Which is not a bad place to be.
We are Braves fans, afterall.

Now, I must tell you a funny story about Kristina because it keeps popping into my mind lately.  This probably happened when I was in college and Kristina was in High School. 

We drove home together one night, and when we arrived, noone else was home.  The house was locked (not typical) and neither of us had a key.  I figured that I would just climb through the dog door and unlock the door into the laundry room to get in the house.  Surprisingly, my hips were not fitting all the way through that door....this had not always been the case. Once I got over that disturbing shock,  I regrouped and squirmed and stretched until I maneuvered myself to be able to reach up to unlock the door. 

Just as I was about to unlock it, a searing pain shot through my body as I felt Kristina's foot kicking my butt over and over again and whisper yelling my name in a panic.  I pulled myself out to see what was wrong, and Kristina told me that a light was on upstairs.  Not a big deal.  But, Kristina couldn't get it out of her head that maybe the light had just turned from off to on.  There must be someone up there.  I asked her if she saw the light turn on, or if maybe it had just been on all along.  She couldn't seem to remember if she saw it turn on, but the fact that it was on was enough to make her want to abandon our mission and sit in the car until someone got home (which was not any time soon)

Now Kristina was the person who had to have someone walk her out to her car (which was in the driveway) every time she left the house, because she could get kidnapped.  Considering this, I wasn't overly concerned about this whole light turning on situation.  So, I started to climb through the dog door again.  This was met with more butt kicking, more whisper yelling, and tears....lots of them.  I tried to rationalize with her, but she would not let us talk on the side of the house, because, if someone was in the house, they would hear us and then we might be killed. (It's only logical, right?)
So, we went to sit in the car.
Then we fought.
For a long time.
I told Kristina that she could sit in the car and I would go into the house all by myself and check things out.  She didn't even have to come in after me if I didn't make it out alive.  She could even drive away if she wanted.
But she balled her eyes out.
So, we didn't go in.
We just drove around and waited and waited and waited until someone got home.
And, of course, the light had been on all along.

Man, I'm gonna miss that girl.
See, she IS a scaredy cat.
 But she is also SO much fun.

Kristina, I love you.  Drive safely.  Don't forget to keep some canned peaches in the car, because you never know if you might drive off the side of the road when no one is around to see it, and be trapped in some ditch for days and starve to death before you are found.
(In case you are wondering, yes, Kristina did always keep a can of peaches in her car in case of such an event.)
 They're going to miss each other too.

Good-bye Kristina and Sean.  
We love you!
In case you are feeling sorry for us (which you should be), just know that we are only a plane ride away...a free plane ride for Kristina and Sean.  So it will only be a couple of weeks before Kristina is back with us for the weekend of Kim's 21st birthday.


  1. Just think, Kristina will be THAT much closer to all of us!

  2. oh Kristina how I will miss you and your peaches!! please fly home to me often and don't get too settled in the land of the Braves. (on another note...why is it that mindy puts up adorable pictures of you with our other sisters but chooses that one for me and you?)

    Sean if you are reading this (which is not very likely) i will miss you too!