April 26, 2011

30th Birthday Party

Well, my enchanted forest birthday party turned out magnificent.  Not only was it decorated beautifully, but we could not have had better weather.  It was the only night during the past few weeks that has felt like a summer night.  The very next day, the weather got kind of cold and gloomy again.  But Saturday night was perfect!

There was a lot of preparation that went into this party, and it would not have been as amazing as it was if it were not for all the work that Nick, my sisters, and my parents put in.  So, thank you to all of them.  Lots of people took lots of pictures at the party, so there are a lot of pictures to post.  Plus, with all the work that went into this party, I want to make sure every little detail is documented.  So, without further ado, I give you my party....

The Invitations
Made by my talented sister Kristina of Plum Paper
Lots of light...
 Amy and I made the hanging chandeliers.  I will do a post about how to make them later.  We modified this idea.

The Food Table

 The Dessert Table
(my favorite)
Kim made all of these desserts.  They were so delicious.  A vanilla almond cake, grapefruit pistachio tart, lemon tart, and strawberry almond tart.  I can't get enough of the pictures from this table, so here are a few more.

 To help decorate the food tables, I bought a pack of paper that I liked at Michaels that was 2 sided (it was on sale for only $3.50!).  I cut every single sheet of paper into circles on the Cricut, then sewed them together to make garland to hang behind the tables.  This was my favorite decoration from the party.

Some Other Decorations

 Of course, the people were the best part of the party.
I love that people really went all out for the party.  They dressed just like the inspiration board that Amy made.
Don't you love Nick's new outfit for the party?!

Singing Happy Birthday

A Special Visit
Our friend Tim was supposed to come to the party, but ended up having to work overtime as a firefighter.  There just so happened to be an attic fire at a house just down the street from us, so he had his truck stop on the way back to the station...so fun!

Movie Time
As the night started to wind down, we watched Princess Bride on the deck, which had been turned into a lounge area.
It was such a great night, and I am so thankful for the friends and family that I have!  Turning 30 is not so bad I guess.


  1. Is The Princess Bride your favorite movie...or just a perfect fit with the enchanted forest? It looks like an amazing birthday party! Glad it was all you hoped for!

  2. I had to look through the pictures several times just to take it all in. You are blessed. What an amazingly talented and creative group of friends and family you have... and quite attrative I might add. I just knew it was going to be good!

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