April 27, 2011

Belle and Marcel

Belle got a bath over the weekend.  I didn't give it to her.  This was one of those rare occasions where I took her to a grooming place to have them do the work for me.  They do a lot of extra things that I never do, including clipping her nails.  And her nails were looooong, let me tell you.  So long in fact, that the poor thing couldn't even take two steps without her legs sliding out from under her on our wood floor.

After mosying around Target for a little while, I came back to pick up the pup.   When I saw my little babe for the first time, I couldn't stop laughing.

She waddled out to me looking like this:
Complete with Easter bows and an Easter scarf.
When we got home and Nick saw her, his response was....
"No!  Are you kidding me!  Those people are sick!"

I just think they have a bad sense of style.  Pink is so not her color.

Speaking of dogs, this is really funny...

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  1. hahahahah i am dying laughing!!! oh my gosh!!! funniest picture of belle ever!! i love it!!