April 12, 2011

Memory #12

Becoming a Teacher--August, 2005

My journey to teacherhood was quick.  I changed my major about 500 times in college, but finally landed on Sociology.  This was in part (like 20%) because I had some interest in becoming a criminal investigator, and in part (like 80%) that it was the end of my junior year of college, and this was the major that required the least amount of units and would allow me to graduate on time.   So, all that to say, I did not become a criminal investigator, and I instead went to work for my parents while I pondered what the next phase of my life would entail.  And that lasted until summer. 

Summer and reality hit at the same time.  Real people in the real world work during the summer.  This was a new concept for me.  I was one of those priviledged (not spoiled) kids who never had to have a summer job.  This whole working in the summer deal was not my thing.  So, I reflected back on all the careers I had considered throughout my life, and only one of them gave me my summers off...Teaching.  Teaching was not some random thing I just decided on because I didn't want to work in the summer.  In fact, education was one of my 500 majors in college.  But, summer was the motivating factor that made me get my butt in gear and go back to school to get my credential.  I started that summer, and the following summer, I was a credentialed teacher trying to get a job.

My jumpstart into teaching may have been summers, but God was confirming that it was the right decision all along (so really it would be more accurate to say that God was the jumpstart and he used summer to motivate me).  Things that never should have worked out for me worked out so that I was able to get my credential quick and start teaching the following year.
(Moving into my classroom.  My family came and brought me tons of supplies as a gift and then helped me decorate my room.)
I remember so clearly the day that I got my job.  When they called me for the interview, I actually considered not taking it.  I was supposed to be on vacation with Nick's family and really did not want to miss it.  I prayed a lot and drove by the school.  It looked so cute and I felt God pushing me to take the interview.  So, I did.  I didn't feel great about it.  I even told my mom afterwards that I don't think I interview well.  I headed straight for the airport from the interview and hopped on a plane to fly up north to meet up with Nick's family for the last part of their vacation.  When I got off the plane, I had a message on my phone from the district office asking me to call them back.  It was after 5, so I worried that they would not be there, but tried calling anyway.  Sure enough, she answered the phone on her way out the door and told me that they wanted to hire me for the job.  I was shocked.  I was not expecting to hear back so soon.  It was a very exciting time.  I spent the next several nights not able to sleep as I thought about all the different things I would do in my classroom.

And to top it all off, through the whole process, I had prayed that God would give me a classroom that had carpet in it instead of tile.  And, he did.

And I also get to do some pretty fun things for my job:
Like race tricycles....

...and do crazy dances.
My wallet broke, so my wish list item for today is a new one.
Here are a couple that I like:
Source: Target
Source: Forever 21 
And now I must apologize to you, my loyal followers, who wake up every morning and check my blog (mom) that I will have to take a couple days off from this little blog, so that I can work on the ENCHANTED FOREST that is evolving in my backyard.  I will be back after Saturday to catch up on my twenty memories.  Until then, I bid you adieu...

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  1. Do you still lose sleep at the beginning of each school year? I did for eight school years straight! (Now...I just lose sleep due to my own children.)