April 13, 2011

Memory #13

College Adventures

College was so much fun.  Not like the kind of fun you have at an amusement park or going to a baseball game. It's a more painful sort of fun.  Because, it's a fun you only get to experience for those 4 years of your life, and then it's over.  It's over so quickly.  And there is nothing else like it.

I loved every part of college.  Dorm living, cafeteria eating, football playing, class skipping, homework procrastinating, staying up until 3 in the morning, sleeping in, and living with friends.  Friends were the best part of college.

Our group of friends loved having all sorts of adventures in college.  Our senior year, we even had an "adventure board" in our apartment where we posted pictures from our crazy adventures.
Our apartment did not always look like this.  This was when we were in the stages of packing up and moving out at the end of our senior year :(
 We took this job seriously, and there was a great deal of preparation that went into these adventures.
We thought of any and every adventure...

We dabbled in some toilet papering.
On this toilet papering adventure, we were caught.  A high speed chase ensued, as we made our escape attempt in a borrowed minivan.

We also enjoyed becoming pantyhose silly stringers.
For this particular adventure, we covered our faces with pantyhose, then came in the middle of the night to knock on some of our friends' windows (Nick being one of them...before we were dating).  When they opened their window to see who was there, we sprayed them with silly string.  Only, when they opened the window and we tried to spray them, nothing came out.

We became cone thieves, and put the cone in random places for people to find.

We did our fair share of prank calling.  This was one of our favorites.  Just pick up the phone and dial a random Biola extension.
If you ever need an idea for a prank call, just let me know.  We tried tons of different things.
We did a bit of sumo wrestling...
Somewhere, there is a video of this, and when I find it, I will post it.  Esther and I wrestled, while Brittney served as the videographer and announcer.

We had the brilliant idea of making ourselves look really tough by putting duct tape on our hands, but we didn't want it to hurt when we ripped it off.  We thought it would be smart to put it inside out to avoid the pain of ripping skin.  None of us really stopped to think about the fact that when our wrestling match started, the sticky part of the tape was facing out.  It would have been far less painful to rip the tape off our hands than it was to have our hair ripped out of our heads when the match began.

When the match ended, Esther and I dared each other to walk around our apartment compex in our sumo attire.

There were drive thru adventures....ordering hot sauce in a sexy voice.

And there were dance parties.  Lots and lots of dance parties.
We were so mature.
Today's wish list item is...
Source: H&M
Source: H&M

A hat for my summer beach trips.


  1. where are the catnapping pictures? ummm and dont forget house stalking a few gentlemen in plastic masks ahaha! but did you really have to post the picture of my elderly, las vegas, cocktail waitressing days?!? honestly... i have tried to forget that part of my past.

    can we all be roommates again?

  2. Remind me of the catnapping story? I don't remember that one. And, if you recall, I was not a part of the plastic masks incident...that was a different Swenson. And yes, I think we should be roommates again.

  3. when we stole the cat with a ransom note?!? and wait... we stalked jake and robbys house without you? that does not seem possible!

  4. How could I forget the catnapping!?! Do you have those pictures. I need to add those to this. And I could not remember the other thing you were talking about, but then it dawned on me when I was laying in bed last night, and I do remember that...too funny!