July 28, 2011

the twenty-fifth of July

Monday was Nick's birthday.  
The problem with that is that Nick's birthday was on Tuesday (in my summer mind).  
 I don't pay attention to days and dates in summer.  
All I know is that his birthday is on the 25th, and Tuesday was the 25th.  I am sure of it.  I checked the calendar at the beginning of July, and that is what it said.  So, it was quite a shock to me when Sunday rolled around and I discovered the truth about what day the 25th really was.

So, I scrounged up a last minute plan Monday morning when I woke up extra early fretting over my dilemma so Nick wouldn't figure out my mistake.  Unfortunately, I made the faux pas of suggesting we see Harry Potter that night, and Nick saw right through me.  At that moment, he kind of figured out that I was flying by the seat of my pants.  
Yeah, he's not that into Harry Potter....I should have known better.

So, after apologizing in the alleyway next to the restaurant, I took Nick to Cafe Mimosa in San Clemente. 
His "You seriously thought I would want to see Harry Potter" face.
My lack of calendar awareness also kept me from buying Nick a birthday present on time.  This was a huge disappointment.....for me.  For Nick, not so much.  I pride myself on my gift giving giftedness, and it really bothered me that I didn't have something for him.  But, as we walked the shops in San Clemente, Nick found the HAT OF HIS DREAMS.  I couldn't have bought him a present this good even with all of my gift buying talent. (I am still buying him a gift though, and it will be a gooooooood one.)
Then we went to the beach with his new hat. 
(And my new sunglasses.)
Nick is a proud Californian. Hence, the hat.
Then we had dinner on the deck.....and mojitos.....mmmm.
So see, I didn't do too bad for not planning.


  1. You are always thoughtful Mindy! Just look at what you had planned for Nick that day. I am glad that the two of you have each other. A happy happy 28th birthday for Nick.

  2. Hey, Mindy! I have been reading your blog and it is so fun to see what is going on in your life. I have loved getting to know Kristina and am glad that she moved to Atlanta, although I am sure you miss her. Just wanted to say hi!

  3. Where's my daily dose of Mindy? What's up, girlfriend?