July 27, 2011

Our Trip to AZ

Amy and I made the four hour trek to Arizona this weekend, all for the sake of my dear mother.  She has a classroom to decorate, and that is a big to-do in this family.  Kristina even flew in from Atlanta to offer up her graphic design skills.  Don't you think she should fly out and do the same for me in my classroom? 
Four hours feels like four minutes when your listening to this goodness.
There was some N'Sync thrown in there too, but seeing as how we were too busy recalling our dance moves to these tunes, we forgot to take a picture.

We made a couple of stops along the way.
Hawaii in my mouth...mango pineapple smoothie.
Then, we arrived!
We drove straight to the classroom to help out.
But, not before playing a little hangman.
Even at this point, Dad still didn't know what the puzzle was.  Seriously, Dad?
But, I can't really knock my dad too badly, because it's not every  man who spends all day every day in his wife's classroom making her bulletin boards perfect and building her anything and everything she asks for.  And, it most certainly is not every man who goes into someone else's classroom, sees that they used double borders around all of their bulletin boards, and then comes back into his wife's classroom and does his own set of double borders. Because, no one's classroom can be better than his wife's classroom.

After spending the whole next day in the classroom, we headed out on the water, thanks to Aunt Sandy and Uncle Ron and their sweet boat.
 We woke up the next morning and headed out on the water again. This time....with an inner tube.
Kristina was the only one to fly off, and she flew off at least 5 times.
Even mom and dad gave the tube a try.
And now I need a neck transplant.

After that fun, we finished up the classroom.  It looks AMAZING.
She meets her class in ONE WEEK!

You can see video footage of some of our tubing adventures here.


  1. I don't think you should advertise your choice of music. Puh-leeze. Why didn't your parents school you in classic rock and roll?! (Neil does not count, Shirley.) Celine Dion? Hanson? Seriously, that's embarrassing. That is not get-your-motor-running road trip music. I'm ashamed to be related. Lessons in classic rock begin next Sunday dinner.

  2. ummm.....Harry Kotter, Lotter, Totter, Dotter, Fotter, Gotter.....etc. And, your Dad is going to sub?

    Classroom looks great.