September 5, 2011

Bobblehead Babe

I had a dream the other night that Belle was a bobblehead dog.  Her head would bounce around everywhere we went, and taking her head on and off was a normal, everyday occurrence.  In my dream, we took her to the beach, and she went missing.  Someone found her head.  Most assumed that meant she was dead, but I knew better.  Her head comes on and off, I had to explain to people. I didn't panic until we unsuccessfully searched for her body.  I realized that her poor little body didn't know where to go without the eyes on her head to see.  

So, it was quite a nice relief when I woke up and saw her sleeping soundly in her bed, with her head intact. It did remind me of the time I went out into the garage and actually did find Belle headless.
And, speaking of dogs and head coverings, we gave Brontie one of his own.


  1. Too funny! Pets are so unpredictable and so are dreams!!!

  2. i love those two! so excited to sleep over with them tonight! :) I've been missing them!