September 7, 2011

the weekend

Holy hotness!
Today we had to be on rainy day schedule at school, with the kids inside all day because of a heat advisory.  Ugghh.  
But, at least we had a nice weekend. 
It started on Saturday with breakfast in Dana Point. 
We ate crappy breakfast burritos and took a crappy family picture.
But, the day was definitely not crappy.
That night, we had a little coffee and music with friends.
Sunday consisted of church skipping, laziness, dinner at Grandma's, and a little of this:
and this:
And then there was Monday, walking around Laguna Beach with Dave and Esther, trying to decide where to eat breakfast.  We landed on this:
The Beach House.....sooooo good.
Nick left yesterday for a week long backpacking trip, so Belle, Brontie and I are livin' it up right now. Slumber parties in the bed while Dad is gone.  We do miss him though....especially when I am pulling out of the driveway and can hear the two of them barking at each other, even with my windows rolled up.  And then, continue to hear them halfway up my street.  I had to turn around and separate them.

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