November 16, 2011

Another Big One

Today is another huge huge birthday!
My sweet little Beller-butt is 16 today.
Can you believe it?
This pup is no joke.  She blows my mind with her youthful ways.  We really are going for the world record.

Since my parents were home over the weekend, we decided to do
Belle's Birthday Brunch. 
We were missing Kristina and Sean and Lily, which was sad, but we made due.  I was feeling all inspired after eating at Ramos House Cafe the day before, and decided to whip out their cookbook to make some recipes from there.
They turned out amazing.  Maybe my culinary skills are improving?
Of course, this breakfast was a little more for the human beings than the canines, but I did at least attempt to get Belle a treat.  They have all these cute birthday goodies at the pet store by us, but when I went to buy one, I quickly changed my mind upon seeing the $10 price tag on a little cookie.
Nonetheless, we did have a grand celebration.
We tried to get all the dogs looking at the camera in a picture, but after about 26 tries, we gave up.
We did manage to get a great group shot.
And today, on Belle's actual birthday, rest assured that she will be treated like royalty. 
She deserves it!


  1. most ridiculous post ever! haha :) but still cute as heck. and why didnt you cook like that when we lived together?!?

  2. She didn't cook like that Brit because she didn't have me and Nick... Nice try trying to claim all the credit for that one Min!

  3. I have known Belle forever, and I get such a kick out of seeing her in the progression of pictures with the other family dogs. I know in her head she is dreaming of the days when she was an only child and didn't have to tolerate all of these ridiculous, rambunctious, young pups. Happy Birthday, Baby Belle!