November 13, 2011

we really are obsessed...

For us, a day off school means breakfast at Ramos House Cafe.  We really only go there on weekdays because they only offer a pricy brunch on the weekend.  And, since there was no school on Friday, thanks to our veterans, we got to enjoy ourselves a breakfast straight from heaven.   This trip, we got to sit on the front porch of the house.
I have never gotten anything from Ramos that I have not absolutely loved.  I ordered the peanut butter and banana pain perdu and Nick ordered the fried chicken scramble.  I won't even try to describe their goodness because there are just not adjectives that exist that could do it justice.
You may get tired of me posting pictures of our visits to Ramos House Cafe, but I will never get tired of eating there, so you will just have to deal with it.
I didn't get a chance on Friday to post about it, but I am very thankful for all our veterans, especially my Grandpa....
I love him and everything he did for me, my family, and our country.
On a random exciting sidenote, Kristina's business, Plum Paper, was chosen to be featured on Katie's Nesting Spot.  And almost equally as exciting, our family's Christmas card picture made it into the blog post about Kristina!
Coming soon.....
Highlights from a weekend spent with family celebrating some majorly important birthdays! 
Stay tuned....


  1. Your Grandpa looks like a very sweet man. Thank you to him and all those who sacrificed for us! What an amazing looking breakfast! Love, Cousin Jill

  2. stopping by here always makes me smile.