June 30, 2012

New Soap Dispenser

Every time my sister comes over, she gets mad at me for not having a proper soap dispenser at my kitchen sink.  She has been bugging me to make this mason jar dispenser forever and even brought the mason jar to me herself.  I finally got around to it, now that it's summer.  There are all kinds of tutorials on line for this and it's pretty self explanatory, so I am not going to insult your intelligence by writing out the step-by-step, but I will show you the process.
It was so beautiful, that I decided to display that little dispenser on a cake plate next to the sink.
And somehow, doing dishes just seems so much more enjoyable now.  Okay, that's a lie.
See that white tile.  It will soon be gone.  New counter tops coming soon!  The kitchen is halfway done.  The cabinets are all white now and half our appliances are stainless steel.  I can't wait for it to be done.
(But the stupid bathroom seems to be getting all of our attention these days.)


  1. cute dispenser! Very much a fan.

  2. Super cute! I just saw these at a little antique store and was totally inspired to make my own. Judging by your pictures, I think it's a project I can totally do:-) Simple! xoxo