June 29, 2012

Steve and Shannon got married...

...in April.  But, I am finally posting about it.  Steve and Shannon are our good friends, and we were very happy to be part of their big day.  Nick was even cool enough to be a groomsman in the wedding.
Kim made this magnificent cake for the reception.  I helped her carry it into the reception venue, but I don't think she will be asking me to help her with something like that again.  As I was lifting one of the layers out of the car, I dropped it.  She was a teensy bit angry with me about that one.  Just a little bit.  It's not like she has a tendency to overreact or anything.  But you can't even tell.  See....
She is so talented, that Kim.
But then they had to go and destroy her work of art.
So rude.
We love you Steve and Shannon!  
(And, if you don't comment on this post Steve, we have a problem.  I will have to delete it forever.  And, you don't want that to happen.  This is your claim to fame.)

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