July 28, 2012

Nick's Birthday

This year, I had a lot of fun planning and executing Nick's birthday celebration.  After last year, I owed him something good.
 Dinner was an obvious choice....duh.
 We had a little bit of a wait, because my one mistake of the night was to not make reservations.  Nick took that time to answer all of his birthday calls and texts.  He is way too popular for me.
 We went home to have dessert and open Nick's present.
 Nick loves lemon, and he loves cheesecake.  So, I found this recipe online and whipped up a little lemon cheesecake.  When I was in the middle of making it, I realized that I forgot to buy cream cheese for it.  I tried desperately to find something you could substitute for cream cheese (that's how much I hate the grocery store), but apparently cream cheese is a pretty key ingredient in cheesecake....who knew?  So, I had to run out to the grocery store for the SECOND time that day....worst errand EVER!
Nick's gift was another obvious choice, after this little predicament and after Nick's parents offered to go in on it with me. 
Nick gets to have his own custom surfboard made for himself!
So there you have it...his last birthday of his twenties.
Happy 29th Husband!

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  1. next post a pic of the new surfboard! The dessert looks yummy!