July 31, 2012

the desert

Last weekend, we headed out to Arizona to visit the parents.  Most of the weekend was spent on the river, boating and floating.  Nick had to come home on Saturday, and my parents headed out to a wedding in the afternoon, which left the three of us girls on our own.  Since it was only 121 degrees outside, we decided to head to the store, stock up on candy and ice cream and popsicles, and spend the afternoon watching a movie.  That evening we drove into Lake Havasu to have dinner and visit the London Bridge.  It felt a little like the Olympics were just down the street.  The rest of the weekend was spent helping get my parents' classrooms ready (that's the whole reason they wanted us to come visit) and of course, more time on the river.

My parents start school tomorrow, and my dad is about to embark on his first year of teaching!
Pray for them.

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  1. I hadn't heard your dad would be teaching too! What fun!