December 31, 2012

Christmas with the Carmacks

This is my very favorite day of the year, every year.  The whole HUGE Carmack family gets together and eats....oh boy do we eat.... and we exchange gifts (and it only takes a couple hours), eat some more, play some games, do puzzles, and of course take lots of pictures.
There is always lots of laughter, especially when Uncle Harry opens Clinique lip glosses as his gift.
Need socks?  Just come celebrate Christmas with my family, and you will be sure to get some every year!

But, the gift highlight of the year was definitely the quilts my grandma made for each of her daughters and daughters-in-law. They were incredible!
There was one more, but Aunt Vickie wasn't there to open it, so no picture.

After the gift exchange, we hung out the rest of the night, playing games and eating yet again.
Oh, how I love this family!

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  1. What a wonderful celebration. Such a nice big family. I always miss this each Christmas. It's just the four of us and my mom. My husband's whole family is in France. I have one sister. She has no children. The kids have no cousins here. It would be fun to be surrounded by family like this!! Looked like a perfect day! Unbelievably quilts your grandma made!