April 9, 2014

Coffee/Wine Bar

We have this little patch of wall, right between the pantry where our kitchen ends and the doorway that opens up into our living room.  It's kind of an awkward size space, so we have played around with different things there since we moved in.  A little while ago, I discovered that our wine rack fits perfectly in the space, so we have had that sitting there since.  But, the wall above the rack was pretty blah, and needed some sprucing up.  Nick found a bunch of reclaimed wood on craigslist, and it sits in our garage waiting for inspiration to strike.  Well, inspiration struck recently, and Nick decided to piece together some of the wood to create the perfect shelves.  We made a little coffee bar on top of the wine rack and put coffee/tea related items on the shelves.  Nick also drilled some hooks into the lower shelf so that we could hang mugs from it.  And voila, we've got ourselves a wine/coffee bar.  Come pick your poison.
I am also happy to report that our backyard is blooming, which means I get to have fresh flowers all around our house!

This is the espresso maker that we have.  I've never had a cup of espresso from it, but I have steamed many cups of milk with it, and it's never done me wrong.  And, Nick says the espresso is excellent.  So, I highly recommend it if you are looking for a nice, but more affordable option.  And it is now $60 cheaper than it was when I bought it!

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  1. Cute coffee bar. I have ideas for one......but haven't gotten to it. Kiss that baby for me.

  2. LOVE this spot. Oh that Nick and the reclaimed wood he finds on Craigslist... one of these days we will look into that. =)

  3. Love your coffee/wine corner. A white chocolate mocha please! :)
    You should check out my blog that I started the end of January. Its kitchenmercies.blogspot.com
    Love, Cousin Jill

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