April 27, 2014

Family Hike

One year ago yesterday, we said good-bye to our sweet Belle.  She was a huge source of comfort to me throughout her life, but particularly her last few years, as we were muddling our way through infertility. I miss that girl everyday and wanted to do something to celebrate and remember her.  So, we decided to go on a family hike and take her little mini-me along. Silas kept his arm around her the whole time.
Nick runs this trail often, but it was my first time on it.  I'm not sure why, since it is 5 minutes from our house and has incredible views of the ocean, the mountains, and everything in between.  Maybe my absence has something to do with the fact that he is running.  But seriously....look at where I live! I spent the majority of my adolescence wanting out of California. My appreciation for the state has grown immensely in my adult life, and I really can't imagine living anywhere else now.

Holy crap! How did I get this kid!?!

If Brontie can get his paws on a stuffed animal, he will always, always, ALWAYS rip it to shreds.  After Belle died, I wanted to have something tangible to remember her by that our new baby could also love. So, I bought this little beagle and put Belle's collar on her.  I was very careful to keep our new Belle away from Brontie.  One day, we were shocked to see Brontie approach the couch where she was sitting and gently pick her up in his mouth.  He took her and laid down with her between his front paws and started licking her lovingly.  Nick and I were blown away. He has had many opportunities since then to destroy this stuffed animal, but he never has.  The worst he will do is smother her with licks. Needless to say, he loved our Belle too.

Belle would have loved this hike back in her prime. I think we honored her well.  I'm looking forward to hiking with my girl again someday in Heaven.  In the meantime, I'm thankful I've got these guys to hike through life with.

We love you forever Belle!

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  1. Love my sweet Belle! I can't wait to see her again!! She would have loved that hike :).

  2. Ok?..not gonna lie. This post made me cry. I can tell how special Belle was to you and I totally understand. In honor of Belle...I'm giving my boy, Mo, extra hugs and kisses and doggy treats tonight

    1. Ashley...I am sure that Belle is thrilled that Mo is getting extra treats thanks to her!

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