June 24, 2014

Kim and Nestor Tie the Knot

Well, my sister is married!  She and Nestor are off gallivanting about Mexico as we speak.  I took a grand total of zero pictures at her wedding, because I was too busy dancing.  So, these pictures are all borrowed from other people.  I can't wait to get the photographer's pictures, and then I will share more.  For now, these will have to do. You can see more on instagram by going to #kimandnestor2014.

Immediately after the ceremony, this kid conked out.  He slept until the reception, then he was wired. He refused to sleep the whole night.  How could he miss out on the party?!

Photo by Visioneer Media
All the Swenson husbands.  I now have as many brothers as I do sisters. And the boys outnumber the girls when you add those babies in.
Photo by Visioneer Media
And they're off!  I love these too and am so excited for them.  
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