June 27, 2014

The Grandparents Visit

Nick's parents came for a visit last week, and we had a lot of fun adventuring around with them. We did the beach, a hike, some meals in, some meals out, and just enjoyed hanging out with each other.  Seems like we are seeing a lot more of these guys since Silas was born...interesting :)  We loved having them here! Especially since Nick's dad changed every dirty diaper, folded all of our laundry, took out all the trash (including all the dirty diapers), and helped Nick with a few house projects. Hey guys...want to move in?  They even gave us a night out, sans the little one.  They are obviously welcome anytime.

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  1. Love the love that you all have for the sweet little guy. Look at those teeth and that hair, adorable.

  2. Could you send me a copy of that last picture?