July 30, 2014

Just Because

Well, we just got back from a five day camping trip. It was quite an adventure and definitely an interesting experience with an 11 month old. I've been going through the pictures and trying to trim down the number of pictures I'd like to put on the blog from our trip, since there are many and choosing between them is hard.  In the meantime, here's a few pictures of Silas to tide you over.  He got used to being outside all day long while we were gone, so we've been enjoying the backyard a bit more since coming home....particularly, under the table, since there's shade there.

 In this picture, you can kind of see Silas's two top teeth that popped through while we were gone.

 Alright, until tomorrow....when you will be inundated with way too many camping pictures. But, it will be so worth it!
(For me at least.)
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