July 31, 2014

Rock Creek Lake Camping: Part One

So, we survived Silas's first camping trip.  It was very fun, just not very relaxing. Having an 11 month old who wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth doesn't mix well with a plethora of dirt, sticks and pebbles. Thankfully, we had all of Nick's family with us to help share Silas responsibilities. While things might not have been easy on us, this kid was in heaven.  He woke up each morning with chattering teeth (gums is more accurate I guess), but laughing and squirming to get out the door of the tent.We camped at Rock Creek Lake (pictured above), which is a beautiful spot, with lots of great hiking nearby. It was fun to be able to just let Silas crawl right up to the water and splash around in it. So different from going to the beach. I didn't have to worry about him crawling all the way into the water either, because it was freezing. The weather was perfect, with crisp mornings and nights and warm days of sunshine. This is a spot we would definitely go back to...maybe when Silas is walking and not eating anything in sight.
Our first hike was from the Little Lakes Valley Trailhead.  Silas loved being in the backpack and hung out the side of it on every hike so that he could charm passerbys with his best smiles. 

We stopped for lunch at this lake, where there was some discussion about swimming, but where ultimately everyone chickened out because of the arctic water temperatures and the stinging mountain breeze that would greet them on the way out.

We headed back to our lake, where some people did brave the water in lieu of a shower. This lake was only a tad bit warmer than the other lake, so Silas and I preferred the shore....and a hot shower for me.

Family hammock time was the perfect way to end the night. Part Two coming tomorrow!

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  1. So beautiful there. You are brave with camping with Silas. Sounds like you had a great time. What a charmer that boy is.

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