February 6, 2015

Swenson Christmas...Now That It's February

Well, now that it's February, let's talk about Christmas again. Like I said, our Christmas this year was actually three Christmases, so this is the last and final post on the topic....hallelujah! This was the Christmas with my immediate side of the family. So, here's some pictures, and we'll wrap this up with a few highlights.
*My brother-in-law Sean's new cat shirt
*Nerf Guns
*There's a black and white picture up there with four of us busting up laughing on the couch next to my brother-in-law, Ben. That hilarious moment was courtesy of my sister Amy, who exclaimed the instant Ben opened his present, "Oh he loves it!" It was funny....but maybe you had to be there.
*There's a couple other pictures of my sister Kristina and me laughing hysterically. Sean shot Kristina in the face with the nerf gun, which was also one of those funny things you probably had to be there for.
*Silas and Trevor and more toys than they know what to do with
*Printed out pictures of presents, because even when we celebrate Christmas two weeks after Christmas, we still buy presents the day of, then print pictures of what is coming.

This is a really cool family we've got.
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  1. Looks like a fun family. The little ones are so cute. It's nice to have wonderful times with family.