February 14, 2015

Adventures in Co-Sleeping

Nick left for Portland on Wednesday night, so Silas and I are living it up on our own these next few days. Seeing as how I'm used to having a warm body nearby when I sleep at night, I thought I'd have Silas sleep with me while Nick is gone. When I was ready to go to bed that first night, I snuck into Silas's room and pulled him out of his crib, barely waking him. As we laid down together, I was pleasantly surprised to have him go right back to sleep there next to me. This was going to work out beautifully. A couple minutes later, he scooted a little closer to me and snuggled his little body up next to mine. Perfection. And then a couple more minutes later, he decided that he still wasn't close enough and squeezed his feet in to rest between my knees. And then his hands to rest between my arm and my body. And just to reassure me that he was there, he started squeezing my arm gently and patting me over and over again. Stop the cuteness! Only, he didn't stop there. He still wasn't close enough. So, he sat up, readjusted himself and laid back down with his head on my chest. And now, we could fall asleep. And so we did.

It wasn't long before I was awakened to have the same process of events happening all over again. We managed to fall back asleep again, once he had adjusted himself to his liking, and I figured we had finally pushed passed the hard (but so so adorable) part and would now have a good nights sleep.

I was wrong.

At 12:30, I had to call it. At that point, Silas once again sat up to readjust himself, and this time slammed the back of his head down as hard as he could on my face. Which didn't seem to phase him, but I was certain that my nose was broken and was reaching up to check for blood (not dramatic at all). I decided that we would probably both sleep much better if we were in our own separate beds. So, I reluctantly returned him to his crib, where he happily snuggled up to Belle and fell right back to sleep.

So, maybe we aren't going to be co-sleepers anytime soon. But seriously, having a ridiculously cuddly child is a problem I'm thrilled to have....because it's really not a problem at all. And, I do think I'm going to give it one more try before Nick gets home. We'll see how that goes. 

To prove he's a cuddle monster and also totally expressionless (wink face)...(I need some blog emoticons)....
If he's sitting on our lap or laying on us, it's pretty much always because he has climbed up on the couch or chair specifically to snuggle with us.
He had never met this girl....didn't know her at all...
 He barely knew her...
He also loves to cuddle with his dogs...
Who wouldn't want to sleep with this squishiness?....
Oh yeah...his dad.
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