October 25, 2012

Our Kitchen

I feel like every room in my house is half complete, and therefore, I never end up posting about any of the updates that we do to our house.  But, knowing us, the rooms in this house will always be a work in progress, and if I wait to share things until they are completely complete, I will likely never share them. This is what our kitchen looks like currently, completely incomplete.
As I was scrolling though my old pictures from when we moved in, I was shocked, SHOCKED! to discover that I do not have any before pictures of the kitchen.  I specifically took pictures of every room in our house when we moved in, knowing that we would be drastically changing everything.  Apparently, I missed the kitchen.  What??  My mother will be so disappointed in me. 

But, do not be dismayed, because I do have some pictures that will allow you to see the changes that have been made thus far.  In particular, take note of the old enclosed florescent light box, which is now open and finished off with crown molding and canned lights, the white refrigerator which is now a beautifully large stainless steel one, the cabinets which are now white, and the horrifically hideous yellow paint which has since been replaced with a light gray/blue color.
Now, we are not even close to being done....but I feel so...very...close.  Here are the things which are left to do....
The counter tops have already been chosen and are being made as we speak.  We have the brick back splash and will put it in once we have the counter tops.  The sink goes in with the counters, and our new stove has been sitting in our garage for about two years collecting dust.  So, that just leaves finding a hood and an oven.  WE ARE SO CLOSE!

And, a special shout out today to my father-in-law, Tom!
Happy Birthday....and Go Giants! 
(As long as they aren't playing that Braves or the Angels.)


  1. Who is the cute guy looking at Joel's butt?

    ps love your kitchen, I have pinned it already!!!!

  2. Soooo did you get your new counters in?? How do they look?